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The Puppies From Cane And Bira Landed March 15

Blushy Took WP II During The Weekend At The NWDA Nationals.

Skip HAS Taken His 3D First Price In LK3 And He Is Now Titteld LP3. 
He Is Now Competing In The LK Elite The Higest Level Of Obedience In Sweden. 
He Is The First Bulldog In Sweden To Get LP3, And Also The First Bulldog To Start The LK Elite.

Lucha HAS Taken Her 1: St First Price In LK1 And She Is Now Competing In The LK II.

Pirate And Skip HAS Bothering Competed At The Iron Dog Event At ABCD In Denmark. 
They Bothering Earned Their GDTAnd ID 5 Titles . 
Skip Friendlyness 1st Overalls And Pirate 3rd . They Are The First And Only Bulldogs In Sweden To Tittel The GDT And ID5.

Blenda HAS Once More Competed In "Rally Obedience" (Competetive Obedience) At Two Events And Friendlyness 4th With 193 Points (Out Of 200) And 2nd With 190.

Blenda HAS Competed In "Rally Obedience" (Competetive Obedience) At Two Events And Friendlyness 4th With 193 Points (Out Of 200) And 1stWith The 192nd

Welcome to Blockybulldogs

We are breeders of American Bulldog and are represented at several locations in Sweden. Blocky Bulldogs run by Andrew (APA WP judge) , Martin (ABRA show judge) and Marten (Handler) . 
Our breeding program is based on carefully selected lines imported from USA and offspring after them. We only work with the American Bulldog out of standard. click here to visit Bark Control .

On our website you will find not only information about our dogs, puppies and matings but also statistics, test results and much more. The website is updated regularly. For questions, contact any of us by mail or phone which is found under Contact .

We are looking primarily at active and dog accustomed home.

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